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1. Propane Home HeatingPeace of mind if always a good, warm feeling. When you think of home you think of warmth, comfort and peace of mind.  And that’s exactly what you get when you choose propane from STAR Energy.  It’s the safe, environmentally friendly, and economical choice for every homeowner’s heating, cooking and clothes drying needs.  And since propane is produced in the U.S., it’s a good choice for our economy, too. Thanks for letting STAR Energy give your family a warm feeling all over.

2. Home Grown FuelsStar Energy; the locally grown solution to America’s growing energy needs. As part of the GROWMARK system, we are dedicated to building America’s supply of ethanol and soy-biodiesel blended fuels.  Home grown fuels are better for our environment, economy and our nations’ energy security.  STAR Energy is committed to bringing ethanol and biodiesel products to America’s homes, farms and businesses 

3. Dieselex Gold Winter – For powering and protecting diesel engines, nothing outshines Dieselex Gold. When temperatures begins to drop, your hard-working diesel engines have to work harder than ever.  You need a diesel fuel that works just as hard to give your engine the power and protection it needs.  You need Dieselex Gold.  Dieselex Gold delivers superior levels of cetane, detergency, lubricity, demulsifier, fuel stability, moisture control , as well as corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.  All of which add up to greater power, protection and fuel economy. So this winter, call the professionals at STAR Energy to give your equipment the fuel that delivers the best power and protection for your diesel engines – Dieselex Gold 

4. Dieselex/Suprex Good as GoldWhen it comes to powering and protecting your diesel equipment, STAR Energy is as good as gold. To maximize your diesel equipment investment, you need the best combination of fuel and lubricants to power and protect them.  You need the unbeatable combination of Dieselex Gold and Suprex Gold from STAR Energy. Dieselex Gold delivers superior levels of cetane, detergency, lubricity, fuel stability, demulsifier, moisture control, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. And Suprex Gold is proven to deliver continuous lubrication protection under the severest temperature conditions and heavy engine loads.  So give your diesel equipment the best combination for power and protection – FS Dieselex Gold and FS Suprex Gold from STAR Energy.

5. Suprex Gold Synthetic ESPYou don’t just have diesel equipment; you’ve got diesel equipment that works for a living.  So give you engines the protection they deserve, with Suprex Gold motor oils.  No matter what your engine specifications, Suprex Gold motor oils will meet or exceed them.  Take our Suprex Gold ESP.  It surpasses the higher performance demands of modern engines by protecting your engine from the stress of heat, soot and acids.  It also helps fuel economy, cold weather performance and longer engine life.  So when you need motor oil that works as hard as your engines do –  count on Suprex Gold motor oils from STAR Energy.  

6. Suprex Gold With Power FluidWhen you count on your equipment to keep operations going; count on STAR Energy to keep it running. When your equipment runs well, your business tends to run well, too.  And to keep that way you need to give it all the protection you can.  The kind of protection you get with Suprex Gold® motor oils and power fluids. FS Suprex Gold motor oils give your engines the highest level of protection against soot and oxidation. They also provide peak resistance to viscosity breakdown, for better fuel economy and longer engine life.  And our FS power fluids are premium anti-wear oils specially formulated to help increase both pump and fluid life.  So when you count on outstanding performance from your equipment, count on STAR Energy to help deliver it. 

7. Fine Line LubesWhether it’s an 18-wheel rig or a 4-wheeled ATC, STAR Energy has what it takes to keep it running. It takes a lot to keep your vehicles and equipment up and running.  Like filters, oils, batteries, belts, antifreeze and greases just to name a few.  Whatever it takes to keep your equipment operating at peak performance, you’ll find it at STAR Energy. And when it comes to quality, you’ll find most STAR Energy automotive products not only meet, but far exceed manufacturers’ specifications.  And when you add that to the value and expert advice you always get from STAR Energy, you’ll soon wonder why you ever thought of going anywhere else.

8. Spectra Lube If you’re not protecting your lube point with Spectra Lube, then you’re really missing the point. You expect your equipment to perform and keep performing for long hours and in all sorts of weather. But to do that, you have to make sure its key components have the protection and lubrication they need to maintain peak performance.  The kind of protection you get with Spectra Lube® greases.  Each formulation is designed for use in a wide range of applications to protect your equipment under extreme pressure, high temperatures and more.  To learn which is best for your equipment, talk to your STAR Energy professional today.

9. Energy – Home Heating With PropaneAre electric rates confusing you?  Are you worried about high energy bills?  It’s no wonder with all the commotion surrounding future electricity rates. Perhaps its time to consider the other reliable source of energy for your home or business.  The one that’s efficient, economical and gives you piece of mind. Think propane from STAR Energy, your local Comfort Pro dealer.  You’ll enjoy quicker hot water, clean, efficient heat and the comfort of knowing you’re getting the most value from your energy dollars. Enjoy the benefits of clean, reliable propane.  As to speak with one of our Comfort Pro Specialists today. 

10. Energy – Propane Summer Fill It’s a lot easier to enjoy your summer knowing the professionals at STAR Energy have you all set for winter. It’s amazing how much we all try to squeeze into a summer – picnics, ball games, and county fairs. And yet, if we’re smart we will get our fill of one thing – propane from your Comfort Pro Specialists at STAR Energy. Because with a summer fill from STAR Energy, you’ll know that your propane system is ready when summer turns to fall. Ask to speak with one of our Comfort Pro Specialist to arrange your summer fill today.

11. Financing (1) – Why are more people turning to STAR Energy for innovative financing solutions? Because no one knows financing or energy products quite like STAR Energy. People who know a lot about financing often don’t know as much about energy products. So the financing packages they offer, may do a better job meeting their needs than they do meeting yours. But with STAR Energy, you’ll get innovative financing designed to meet the needs of today’s innovative consumer. Financing that lets you take advantage of your opportunities, without feeling taken advantage of.

12. Financing (2) – STAR Energy proudly offers a Rebate Rewards Financing Program for our valued customers. As with everything we do at STAR Energy, the Rebate Rewards Financing Program was designed to bring value beyond the basic product. It is distinguished from other introductory programs and product-specific financing, by rewarding steadfast patrons with bottom-line benefits including higher rebates on their line-of-credit interest charges. This program helps our customers reduce risks and increase profitability. We take a straight-forward approach to operational financing with time and money saving principals. So, ask about our STAR Energy Rebate Rewards Program today.

13. Financing (3) The world is full of financial experts.  The trick is to find one who combines keen business insight with a complete understanding of the complexities of running a business.  Financing with STAR Energy is your solution to convenient and flexible finance planning, so you can concentrate on running and growing your operation! Ask about STAR Energy’s Financing Options today.  It’s custom financing at your convenience. 

14. STAR Energy – CommitmentSTAR Energy was founded on the principles of performance, service, quality, and reliability. We have delivered the products and expertise that provide solutions to our customer’s challenges.  Whether providing high performance fuels and lubricants, or propane for your home or agricultural needs, your local Energy Specialist from STAR Energy delivers solutions. 

15. STAR Energy – PerformanceSTAR Energy knows that performance counts. That’s why we offer Dieselex Gold, the premium diesel fuel that patrons ask for by name because it’s the best fuel to power and protect your diesel engines. And because you expect peak performance year-round, we also offer SURE-FLO premium cold weather additive. With SURE-FLO, you minimize downtime due to fuel gelling and icing, while protecting your engines against corrosion.

16. STAR Energy – Service Whether it’s for the farm, home or business, not all propane companies are created equal. Propane provided by STAR Energy comes with extra benefits like annual site inspections for all customers, budget billing programs, and a 24-hour emergency pager system. Our service team can even project your fuel consumption, allowing them to schedule deliveries when you need them.

17. STAR Energy – QualityFrom diesel engines to industrial machinery, you’ll find the quality lubricants you need from the full line of premium products offered by STAR Energy. We carry FS, United, and Archer brand lubricants, and our energy specialists will help you develop a comprehensive, preventative maintenance program for your engines and equipment – designed to save you time and money.

18. STAR Energy – Reliability – At STAR Energy, you can rely on us for what you need, when you need it. All of our conveniently located STAR Energy Retail Fuel Stations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We accept all major credit cards to get you back on the road quickly. Sign up for our STAR card and take advantage of our special fuel contracting and monthly billing options. Make the right choice. Rely on STAR Energy, because we’ll never leave you stranded.

19. STAR Energy – PeopleNothing is more important to STAR Energy than our customers. Each and every one of our employees is committed to a high level of performance, service, quality, and reliability to our customers. All of our employees from the sales force to the general manager, are CETP-certified, a formal structure of training, testing, and documentation to assure that workers in the propane industry have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their work effectively while adhering to federal and state regulations. STAR Energy is committed to provide the performance, service, quality, and reliability that you deserve!


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