Frequently Asked Questions

Who develops the script for my messages?

In most cases, our clients prefer to have ON HOLD:32 develop the initial script for them. We’ll gather information from your website, review any existing marketing materials and/or research information over the internet about your specific industry. Once we come up with an initial suggested script, we’ll e-mail or fax the script to you for your review. Make any changes you’d like and submit those changes back to our copywriters. We’ll make the edits and ask you to review the corrected script one more time for approval before we send it to our studios to be recorded.

How long will my ON HOLD:32 recording be?

A typical on-hold recording is about four (4) minutes in length. It will consist of 5-7 separate messages, with each message approximately 22-25 seconds in length. If your location has hold time longer than four (4) minutes, we can make your on-hold message as long as you like, with a slight up-charge. Your choice of licensed music from our online music library will be playing in the background and in between each message.

Who does the actual recording?

Once the script has been approved by you, we voice the scripts in our studios using professional male and female voice talent. They will typically alternate each paragraph so that a caller, who might be on-hold for 1-2 paragraphs, will hear a different voice for each paragraph. This alternating approach has been proven to make the callers “more attentive”, thus ensuring that they are listening to your marketing message.

Can I choose the music that plays in the background?

Yes. In fact, we encourage you to do so. Our fully-licensed, online music library is available to all of our customers and is simple to use. We have more than 250 different music samples to choose from, broken down into separate music categories. Turn on your speakers, set aside a few minutes, and choose the music that you feel best fits your company’s image. Or, some of our clients prefer to let us know which category they would like us to use, and then ask us to choose the music for them from that category. Whatever is easiest for you.

Why can’t I just plug a radio or CD player into my phone system?

Well, technically, you can. However, there are some issues you need to be aware of before you do. First, it is illegal to re-broadcast copyrighted and licensed music in an on-hold format. The law is very clear on this and many companies have been fined thousands of dollars from the major music licensing organizations such as ASCAP and BMI for copyright infringement. Every CD that you purchase is protected by copyright laws. But more importantly, you have no control over what a radio station plays to your holding callers. They may hear a competitor’s advertisement, the radio may become static or worse yet, they might hear something that may be very inappropriate for your callers to hear. (Not very good for your company’s image.) With ON HOLD:32, you have total control over what your callers hear while they are on-hold.

How do I know if my phone system is message on-hold ready?

Check to see if you have an input on your phone system that says “MOH” or a music note graphic; if so you may still need some programming by your telephone vendor to make it “active.” If you don’t have a MOH jack, you will need a qualified phone technician to install one for you, ideally the technician who installed your system initially.

What’s the process for setting up the on-hold message to play over my phone system?

As soon as you begin an ON HOLD:32 program, we ship our digital on-hold equipment directly to your office, pre-loaded with fully-licensed starter message. Once it arrives, an installation coordinator will arrange for a technician, or guide you, through the very simple process of plugging-in the equipment. Our equipment uses the most current USB technology allowing you to download new messages instantly – no memory cards, cartridges, tapes or CD’s; no dedicated computers or phone lines required; and no proprietary software to buy! You simply save the new recording onto a USB drive and plug it in. All equipment comes with a 48 hour equipment replacement warranty.

If you have a VoIP system, additional equipment isn’t necessary. We simply send you the recording in the file type specific to your system, so you can then upload it yourself, or we can work with your phone vendor to do it for you.

I have a VoIP phone system. What exactly does this mean and is the set-up process any different for me?

The abbreviation VoIP stands for “voice over internet protocol.” Many of our customers have these types of systems, some of them with off-site service, meaning there is no central control box at their location. There are many different terms for this type of set-up, including hosted IP, hosted PBX, cloud-based, VoIP enabled, etc. Many phone vendors offer this type of system, such as Ipfone, UsVox, Voiceware, Nexogy, MyPBX, 8 x 8, Grasshopper, Asterisk, Digium, Virtual PBX, Ring Central, Access Direct, OnSIP, TDS Metrocom, and so on.

The uploading process is a little different. We’ll work with your phone provider to find out what kind of audio file you’ll need. If your system plays on-hold messages from the beginning every time someone is put on-hold, your callers may only hear the beginning of the recording, but we have ways to work around that.

What does this equipment look like?

• Uses current USB technology found on most computers.

• Instantly delivers clear digital messages via email!

• No memory cards, cartridges, tapes or CD’s required.

• No dedicated computers or phone lines required.

• No proprietary software to buy.

When a caller is placed on hold, will they hear the beginning of the on-hold message?

No, and that’s actually good news. An on-hold recording plays continuously which allows your callers to hear something different each time they are put on hold. For instance, if someone calls your business today and is put on hold, they may hear paragraphs 2 and 3. If they happen to be put on hold again next week, they might catch paragraphs 5 and 6, thus giving them ‘fresh’ information each time they call in.

Some VoIP systems begin the recording at the beginning, every time. Our solution is to divide your on-hold recording into several, smaller recordings. We then recommend that you upload a different one every week or so, to keep the information fresh for your callers.

What if I don’t like a finished recording?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed on every recording we do for you. If you are ever unhappy with one of our recordings due to a mispronunciation or an incorrect music bed, simply let us know within three (3) business days of receipt of the production and we will re-record the entire production at no cost to you. We may make a mistake now and then, but it is unacceptable to us to have an unhappy customer.