What do your callers hear when you put them on-hold?

It happens every day, in every pet care business … A caller is placed “on-hold.” It’s an unavoidable part of doing business. And the worst thing you can do is leave your callers on-hold listening to dead air, boring music, or static radio.

Instead, let ON HOLD:32 create a professional, customized recording that promotes all of your pet care services to each and every caller that is placed “on-hold.”

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ON HOLD:32’s Message & Music On-Hold service includes all of the following:

– Digital on-hold equipment for each location, if needed

Uploading of completed recordings onto all VOIP systems, if needed

– Wide variety of on-line, licensed, background music selections

Exceptional scriptwriting with customer approval prior to recording

– Our RIDICULOUS No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantees

Professional male and female voice talents on each recording

– Packages available from 1 to 12 recordings per year

– Plus: our exclusive “Personal Paragraph,” which allows for anyone in your practice to record their own personal “Welcome” or “Thank You” message


Using ON HOLD:32’s message and music on-hold service has given our animal hospital the outlet to inform our pet owners about new medical equipment, remind them of important vaccinations for their pet, and also let them know a little more about our veterinarians. Prior to using this great service, our customers did not always find out about our newest services. Now, they are always kept up-to-date just by calling in.

— Gwen Langdon, Brookwood Veterinary Clinic