What do your callers hear when you put them on-hold?

It happens every day, in every Chiropractic practice … A caller is placed “on-hold.” It’s an unavoidable part of doing business. And the worst thing you can do is leave your callers on-hold listening to dead air, boring music, or static radio.

Instead, let ON HOLD:32 create a professional, customized recording that promotes all of your chiropractic services to each and every caller that is placed “on-hold.”

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ON HOLD:32’s Message & Music On-Hold service includes all of the following:

– Digital on-hold equipment for each location, if needed

Uploading of completed recordings onto all VOIP systems, if needed

– Wide variety of on-line, licensed, background music selections

Exceptional scriptwriting with customer approval prior to recording

– Our RIDICULOUS No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantees

Professional male and female voice talents on each recording

– Packages available from 1 to 12 recordings per year

– Plus: our exclusive “Personal Paragraph,” which allows for anyone in your practice to record their own personal “Welcome” or “Thank You” message

On-hold messages far exceed the impact of music on-hold. Music on-hold is what most chiropractors use, and it is usually mindless and of no marketing value. I did that for years and since changing to ON HOLD:32, I have never regretted the change and have had many positive comments from patients and businesses.

— Dr. Henry Rice, ChiroCarolina