How it Works

An on-hold script will be sent to you for your approval.

First, a friendly scriptwriter, who’s well-versed in your industry, will send you a script based on information from your website, brochures, etc. that’s customized to fit your specific on-hold needs. The scripts are typically made up of 6-8 rotating paragraphs that will promote all of your products and services to every holding caller.

Our voice talents will produce your recording.

If the script meets your approval, you will then choose your background music from our online, fully-licensed music library, and it’s off to the studio, where our professional male and female voice talents record your personalized recording.

The on-hold equipment is shipped to your location, if necessary.

Then, we ship our digital on-hold equipment directly to your office, preloaded with background music, to be connected to your phone system. Once it arrives, our install coordinator will walk you through the simple hook-up process. Or, if needed, we will arrange for a technician to come out and install your on-hold equipment.

If you have a VoIP system or hosted service, our recordings can easily be integrated with your phone system, without requiring any additional ON HOLD:32 equipment.

Your custom recording is ready to be loaded to your equipment, VoIP system or hosted service.

Once your equipment is installed, our production manager will email your newly-produced recording, complete with easy-to-follow download instructions. After your recording is downloaded to the USB drive (supplied with the on-hold equipment), we will call to do a soundcheck to confirm that your new on-hold recording is playing properly.

If you have a VoIP system or hosted service, we work with your phone provider to convert the recording to the file type necessary for your particular system and upload it to your phones.

In four simple steps, your on-hold message becomes a powerful marketing tool.