It happens every day, in every company - a caller is put "on-hold." It's an unavoidable part of doing business.  And the worst thing you can do is leave your callers “on-hold” listening to dead air, boring music or a static radio. Instead, treat them to an inexpensive, yet professional, ON HOLD:32 recording for your company.  We'll promote all of your products and services to each and every person who calls your business.


Listen to the engaging productions ON HOLD:32 creates for businesses just like yours.

Find out how on-hold messaging would work for you.

Do you know how many of your callers hang up while waiting on-hold due to dead air or boring music?

I would like to thank everyone that was involved in the production of our ON HOLD:32 message. Many thanks to your amazing team of professionals! For the first time in our 140 year history, when a customer is placed on hold they will listen to a polished, informational message.
— Joanne McComas, McComas Fuel Company in Baltimore, MD


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